How do I order?

1) .Visitez our website and choose from our range of products by clicking on their images.

2) .Once on the product file, enter the desired amount and then click on "add to cart". You can continue shopping basket will keep your purchases in memory.

3) .For finalize your order click on the top right on "my basket".

If an item appears out of stock, it can be ordered you anyway?

We provide professional who can not wait. So no surprises, we offer only what is in stock and can be delivered. And if a product is on the site, but do not seem to add to the list, is that it is being re-supply.

May I change my order?

Yes, top right, in "Cart" you can change quantities or delete your items. Once your order has been registered and under treatment, it is no longer possible to make changes to it, because our priority is the delivery of your packages as soon as possible.

Have you saved my order?

An email will be sent in time to confirm your order.

A technical problem when ordering?

1) .Take contact us immediately via the contact page of this site.

2) .It is also possible that your browser is no longer optimal, try with one of the following browsers: