Shunga kissable massage powder Raspberry emotion 75g

26.79€ tvac Quantity

Ref. 3101


• Delicious Flavours
• No sugar added
• Drying properties
• Soft colored feather included
• Ideal for dry massage

Turn your partner into a delicious dessert by dusting their erogenous zones with this arousing flavored powder. Gently apply with the feathers to tease and caress the skin, making your lover shiver in ecstasy, then indulge! Ideal for a sensual dry massage without any greasy feeling. Can also be used freely on all parts of the body as a drying powder.


Weight: 75 gr

Ingrédients (I.N.C.I.) : Corn Starch Modified, Aspartame, Flavor/Saveur (Aroma). Benzyl Alcohol.